Mass Shooting of Children in Connecticut

An unnamed gunman has murdered more than twenty people, mostly children, at an elementary school in Connecticut.

According to CNN, yet another mass shooting has broken out, this time in Newtown, Connecticut and this time, horribly, targeting young children.

At this time, it appears that the shooter entered Sandy Hook Elementary School with two handguns, shot at least two staff members and at least ten children, and is dead.

The total number of victims is said to be more than twenty, which would make this one of the top two or three deadliest mass shootings of this year. That is way more context for random massacres than a remotely sane society ought to have. Already, forces are mobilizing to politicize this nightmarish tragedy, a struggle that will play out with depressing predictability over the coming weeks, unless media attention is drawn away by something even worse.

If you are triggered or traumatized by the news coming from Newtown, Connecticut, please reach out for support. You can also contact Disaster Distress Network at 800.985.5990, or text TalkWithUs to 66746.

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  1. I’ll never understand events like this. 600 little children in that school are forever changed for the worse. 20 have been violently and horrifically removed from life.

    Triggered? I’m devastated. Though my childhood was a mess, there was always hope when the vast majority of other kids could live in innocence and play with frivolity. I needed someone to maintain the tunnel’s light.

    I fear frivolous play will be greatly rare in Newtown for quite a while.

  2. We as a society are telling people time and time again that life doesn’t matter, that life isn’t worth anything. If a LIFE gets in your way, get rid of it. People have to realize that this is taking a toll on kids who eventually grow up. Plus, we are no longer letting kids be kids, we are scheduling their entire lives around events such as sports, concerts, music etc etc etc. I know a pair of kids that right now that have about 4 hours a week (outside of sleeping time) that is ‘free’ , all the other time is for doing what their parents have scheduled for them. Maybe the kids like it, maybe they don’t. BUT one thing is for sure, they sure don’t have any time to just PLAY and be a kid.


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