12 Joyful Ways to Power Up Your Son’s Emotional Intelligence

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About Mark Greene and Dr. Saliha Bava

Emmy winner Mark Greene writes in partnership with his wife, change consultant and couples therapist, Saliha Bava. As ThinkPlay Partners, they write, think and talk (quite a lot) about relationships, society, and political issues. Occasionally they write from a first person male perspective. Mark provides the male perspective. Saliha provides the lofty intellectual efficacy. (Or vice-versa.) Follow Mark on Twitter and Google. Follow Saliha on Twitter and Google.


  1. This is such a great article!

    I always encourage my son to give hugs to his grandparents, his babysitter, and to his best friend’s mom…I tell him he has the power to cheer them up when they are feeling anxious or worried about something….He attends once a week peer counseling in his middle school (which is a great way to bond with other boys who also have issues) and I can see the positive effect on him: he is very sweet and respectful and mindful of other people’s feelings….he is still trying to figure things out but, yes, sometimes certain conflict situations are very puzzling indeed!

  2. Marciel Horie says:

    Just to add, I’ve just found yesterday a book that discuss these themes in a pratical manner: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen…And Listen So Kids Will Talk, authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. I didnt´t read yet, but it seems also very good source of information.

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