Mr. Wolf is in the Building

A seven year old explains the chilling new security drill at his school.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post first ran on Dec. 19, 2012, right after the tragedy at Newtown. 

I was forwarded an email from a parent I know this morning.

I have changed the names of the principal, teacher and student involved. But the email is otherwise quoted directly. I apologize in advance to the person who authored this, but it speaks volumes about what parents’ fears and the new realities of life after the tragedy at Newtown.

Timothy (age 7) told me about a new drill they practiced yesterday. Called Mr. Wolf. Principle Johnson comes over the loud speaker and says, “Mr. Wolf is in the building.” And the kids empty out the side closets and climb into them and shut the doors. Ms. Carlisle turns out the lights. I said, “Who’s Mr. Wolf?” He said it’s a code word for if a guy who wants to hurt kids ever comes into the building. I asked if they giggled in the closet and if it was stuffy in there. He said it has holes in it so they could breathe just fine. And that they were supposed to be very quiet.

I wept when I read this. But I was also grateful for the preparedness planning behind it. If only wish we could now get each of our elected officials to spend a few minutes in this little coat closet with them.


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  1. Now I’m even more glad that I taught all 3 of my kids to disobey the teacher, break a window, throw a coat over the sill & head for the hills…..
    Hidden in a closet sounds uncomfortably close to fish in a barrel….


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