NYC – The Morning After Sandy, Surveying the Damage (Photos)

Cops and Joggers – NYPD’s finest head southbound on the empty West Side Highway past a jogger next to the flooded out Chelsea Piers.

The story this morning? New Yorkers are going to work to repair their wounded city.

New Yorkers are waking up to a badly damaged city. The main story is flooding of crucial infrastructure including power stations, subways, tunnels and more. Buildings on the water front are flooded up and down the island. Much of the city is without power. And then there’s that crane in midtown. So, New Yorkers are going to do what they always do. They’re gonna get a cup of coffee and then they’re going to get to work rebuilding their beloved city.

Pier 88 flooding during the storm surge last night.

Pier 88 this morning.


The Intrepid Museum under water last night.

The Intrepid Museum this morning.

The enclosure built to house and showcase the Space Shuttle Enterprise has collapsed onto the shuttle on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

Standing water in one basement along the West Side Highway.

Trying to keep flood water out the Chinese Consulate.

You gotta hand it to the NYPD, they were prepared for anything and they did a hell of a job last night.

The crane still has a big chunk of midtown shut down.

The cops are keeping an eye on the crane.

The storm surge buckled the pier at W. 44th Street next to the Intrepid.

A dumpster got carried over the retaining wall on the West Side Highway.

When water is moving lumber this size around, you can be sure it entered all the surrounding buildings. These are near the High Line in Chelsea.

A shop keeper surveys damage to his store at W. 29th and 10 Ave. in Manhattan.


On the corner of 33rd and 10th Ave looking south. City garbage trucks and municipal workers line up to go to work.

On same corner, the corner of 33rd and 10th Ave looking west, Con Ed trucks and crews prepare to fan out across the city.



See more images taken last night during the storm surge on the West Side of Manhattan.

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