NYC Tonight, Oct. 29th – The Midnight Calm Before the Storm

We took a walk around the Hell’s Kitchen tonight just after midnight. The city is very quiet. The streets are mostly empty with restaurants and businesses shuttered. Every few blocks you can hear the hub bub spilling out of an isolated bar still serving drinks. Single patrons shuffle away in the distance, stumbling post-apocalyptic zombies, making their way home under the blue glow of the cloud cover hovering over the city.

Across Manhattan, garbage crews are emptying the ubiquitous city corner trash cans and turning them upside down up against buildings or against any slight shelter that might keep them out of the wind.

A few tourists are wandering the vast empty spaces of Times Square, snapping photos of the marketing behemoths dancing for no one on the massive video screens. If there is a power outage in the coming days, I promise myself I’ll come back and shoot photos of all this vulgarity gone dark.













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