Men’s Global Healthcare is Woefully Underfunded

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  1. Chivalry still exists, men’s issues are put behind women’s issues. Why oh why haven’t we all just gone to a proportional system? If men need 20 wibblies and women need 15 wibblies then don’t give women 30 wibblies and men 5…

  2. Health economist Karen Grepin of New York University says, “If we focus on closing inequality, we’ll miss the boat. The goal is to reduce mortality, not to reduce inequalities in the measure of mortality.”
    Well if the goal is to reduce mortality then doesn’t it make sense to also look at the groups with the highest mortality rates?

    Grepin argues that unhealthy women—mothers specifically—have a devastating effect on households, especially to their children…..”There are really important consequences for women’s health. They play a large role in taking care of children. When they get sick, there’s a spillover effect in the house—for the next generation.”
    Translation: Dads aren’t important to children so its not as big of a deal if they don’t live as long.

    Its wrong to “live in the 50s” when it comes to thinking that women in the workplace isn’t important but its just dandy to “live in the 50s” when it comes to thinking men’s health is not important?

    Maybe this is my vengeance streak talking here but there some seems to be something odd. When looking at crime rates, like say rape, the focus is on men because they commit most it. But when it comes to something like health the fact that men are generally in the poorest of health means nothing.

    Its like we matter when we’re up to no good but aren’t a blip on the radar when we could use a hand….

  3. I think this article outlines the solid reasoning, maternal health. Keeping women healthy before, during, and after pregnancy helps improve the health of the children they give birth to. Also, if men are experiencing more health complications due to alcohol and tabacco use, maybe we need more global funding for alcohol and tabacco awareness. Nip the problem in the bud.

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