Mr. Colion Noir: Why Black Leaders Should Be Pro-Gun (VIDEO)

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  1. Yes we’ll when one considers that the modern era of gun control was ushers in by that liberal Darling , Governor Reagan, reacting to the Panthers- a black pro-gun lawyer is sensible.

  2. Hes right that it isn’t a black/white issue, it’s a male/female issue. If gangbangers/muggers/thieves/home invaders/spree killers/mobsters/drug dealers etc shot anywhere as many people as angry/jealous husbands, boyfriends, male exes, and bitter ‘just friends’ then maybe he’d have a point. But they don’t so what he says is largely irrelevant, except the part about it being a culture issue. Men have to stop feeling do possessive, frightened and entitled, to both women and guns.

    • A review of the FBI’s uniform crime statistics and the national victimization survey illustrates that while murder victims and offenders may know each other, the vast majority of these crimes in the black community are committed by black men, against other black men.
      The City of Chicago has release a 20 year review of murder statistics.
      Some lowlights,
      Victim gender, male 90.1 % female 9.9%
      Victim Ethnicity, white 4.6%, hispanic 18.9%, black 75.3%
      Victim Prior Arrest, yes 76.9%, no 23.1%
      Offender Gender, male 88.4%, female 10.4%, ambiguous 1.2%
      Offender Ethnicity, white 3.5%, hispanic 24.3%, black 70.5%
      Offender Prior Arrest, yes 87.3%, no 12.7%
      So, what he’s saying is totally relevant.

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