Much Ado About Women’s Asses in the Olympics

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  1. Mark Neil says:

    Here are some more disembodied male asses from Volleyball,lego:19780928:top,photo,4ce735c9-914f-38b5-90fb-cb5e41cb2dc3-l:1

    And I have to wonder, how many disembodied female divers did you find? Comparing aples to oranges isn’t a fair comparison. There is a reason for the close ups in volleyball (the hand signals), there is no similar reason for such shots in diving, and I suspect you will not find any of ether sex.

    “I continued my search for disembodied male asses in major news stories… ”

    How many stories on men’s volleyball did you find in major news stories in comparison to the women’s? If you’re looking to an inequality in articles showing disembodied images, you should first make sure there isn’t an inequality in coverage in the first place.

    “Does the half-naked ass make for a better photo than the entirely-clothed ass, artistically?”

    Add skin tight vs baggy to the cloth that remains, and your answer is most certainly yes.

    Seriously, Which of these shots is more asthetically pleasing to look at? The men’s or the woman’s?

    “How about the swimmers and divers? How come they’re essentially never shown without faces?”

    Because swimmers don’t give hand signals behind their backs that can benefit from a close up. I’m curious if there are any other sports that do these body part shots, or is it limited to volleyball only? If it’s limited to volleyball, then one needs to ask, why? Can it still be considered objectifying women if it isn’t done consistently through the sports, and has an actual reason behind it?

  2. i did not read the other comments but wanted to say

    that is s because women are objectified in parts chest butt legs etc
    men are objectified period.
    face hair eyes smile muscles height legs fitness butt and package
    there will always be full shots of men doesn’t mean we r any less eye candy than the women

    • Voice Of Reason says:

      That’s a good point.

      Men are objectified not just for their bodies, but for their height, skills and everything you can imagine.

      Additionally, they are objectified for status and money.

      Women are objectified for a couple of little things, and they start stamping their feet and making a big deal out of it.

  3. When you take the AUDIENCE into account the pictures make total sense. Hardly any women are interested in close-up butt shots, but men are. On the contrary hardly any men are interested in shots of six-pack abs and bulging biceps, but women are.

    I don’t believe any gender is over/under sexualized, I believe they BOTH are just in different ways…tailored to their expected audience.


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