NBC Host David Gregory Faces Jail Time For ‘Prop’

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  1. The sad part is we have to worry about informing people using the right information and risking being punished for it. There is so little thinking going on in the right places as to make me question whether there is any thinking actually taking place at all.

    An empty magazine has never killed anyone. EVER. Informing people about it (and its capabilities) should not be a federal crime. EVER. We shouldn’t have to think about it. We shouldn’t need to consult the police department. When “zero tolerance” becomes “zero cognition”, there is something terribly wrong with out judicial system and the people in charge of it.

    • AnonymousDog says:

      Mr Gregory should be subject to the same penalties that a ‘non-journalist’ would be subject to for doing the same thing Mr Gregory did. It’s a stupid law, but everyone who run afoul of it should be treated equally.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    If Gregory doesn’t go to jail for this, and others have, it would be interesting to see the racial figures of those who do.
    But laws are for the little people, Gregory is important, he’s a journalist, plus shut up, they explained.

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