New Report Shows Violent Crime Rates Linked to Lead Poisoning

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  1. Better Still – we just need a smoking gun from some petroleum giant that they knew tetra ethyl lead was a danger and they can be sued back into the stone age. Would make Tobacco look like extremely small potatoes.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Couple of problems. The putative results of childhood exposure to lead–deficient impulse control, for example–are permanent. So, if someone is diagnosed as clinically incapable of normal impulse control, what do we do? Do we really want to go there? Should we be locking up the diagnosed in addition to the criminals? Forcing meds on them? Giving them a permanent record as possibly unsuitable for civilized living?
    Second, deciding to concentrate this in the urban neighborhoods will be labeling…urban neighborhoods as full of people with deficient impulse control and a propensity for crime.

    And there is another factor. Lead paint abatement has been going on for decades. Possibly that has something to do with the situation.

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