Arizona High School Football Team Stands United Against Bullying

All it takes is something small like inviting someone to sit with you at lunch, to make a real difference in someone’s life.

16-year-old sophomore Chy Johnson is no stranger to ridicule and bullying. Chy was born with a brain disorder, and because of this has been an easy target for most of her life. But this year is different thanks to the entire football team led by star quarterback Carson Jones.

When Chy’s mother discovered that bullies at her daughters school were calling her names and throwing trash at her she decided to reach out to a friend of the family, Carson Jones. She asked him to get the names of the students who were harassing Chy, but Jones decided to tackle the bullying problem a different way. He decided one day to invite Chy to sit with him and his teammates at lunch, and the rest is pretty much history. He said,

[Confronting the bullies] probably would have created more problems than it would have solved. [Inviting her over] wasn’t something I put a lot of thought into. It just worked out. She is always laughing and fun to be with. Now everybody knows Chy.

Chy, who refers to the players as “her boys” says,

They saved me so I wouldn’t get hurt again … They would never hurt me because they love me, so much.

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