Denver Gets Its First Legal Marijuana Club

Club 64: They can’t sell it, but bring your own and you can smoke and socialize. Is this the future of pot in America?

Club 64 is the first official marijuana “club” in Denver, Colorado. Named after Amendment 64, which legalizes the use of marijuana for recreational purposes and was passed by Colorado voters in November, opened its doors for the first time on New Year’s Eve. It is a private club for members only, and like any private club members pay a monthly fee of $30. Also, the club itself  does not sell pot. What they do, is offer members over 21-years-old a semi-public place to smoke and share marijuana.

As one would expect, this club has met with some resistance, but not necessarily from where you would think. Amendment 64 advocates worry that it may be too much too fast. As CNN reports, one advocate is concerned that an unregulated club, such as Club 64 or others like it could potentially turn off voters who originally supported the measure. They said,

Much of our success with Amendment 64 was making the soccer moms comfortable … This is not the fight we want to have right now.

Rob Corry, co-owner of Club 64 and a longtime advocate for the legalization of marijuana doesn’t believe that the club will damage any of the recent headway that has been made to gain both legal and social acceptance for recreational pot use. He says,

This is much larger than just marijuana, this is a civil rights struggle to end prohibition and civil rights struggles and overcoming oppression [do] not happen easily. It has to happen by people taking chances and sometimes yes, pushing the envelope … That is how change happens in this country and that’s what got us to this point

Do you think unregulated clubs such as this pose a threat to measures such as Amendment 64?

Do you think Corry is right and change can only come through “pushing the envelope?”

Do you think marijuana should even be legal for recreational use at all?

Watch the video:

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  1. PursuitAce says:

    I’ve always wondered why the country has such an obsession with this drug. Apparently life can’t be right until this is legal. Anyone?

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