Entire Soccer Team Walks Off The Field in Protest to Racist Taunts

AC Milan coach says, “Walking off was the right choice when faced with something like this.”

Kevin-Prince Boateng, a black soccer player for AC Milan has decided to take a stand against the rampant racism in Soccer, and his team is backing him 100 percent. Newser reports that Boateng became so tired of the racist taunting from the fans he stopped the game by booting the ball in their direction, pulling off his jersey and walking off the field. Although league rules currently require the players to stay on the field no matter what kind of abuse the spectators are dishing out, Boateng’s entire team was only steps behind. The choice his team made to follow him off the field shows not only support for their teammate but it shouts louder than words that it is time for some real change in the sport of Soccer.

Watch the video:


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  1. Racism and riots have a storied past in European soccer. The owners,not the player are responsible for keeping players safe. Rcial intolerance in Europe is,I believe more vast,more complex and far older than American racism.

  2. i know nothing about soccer, but i do know that folks–especially those in the public eye–making a stand can make a difference. cheers to acmilan.

    i am disappointed the the author of this story failed to mention that pro patria also walked off the fields in protest.

  3. AC Milan is a big team, but this didn’t appear to be a big game. The stadium looked pretty small in the video, and if I understood one of the articles correctly, this would be more like the Yankees walking out on an exhibition game against a minor league team. Given that context, I support the player’s decision and his teammate’s support. I can’t say I’d feel the same way if it happened during a World Cup game, but I also can’t pin down why that is. In either situation, I’d much rather see the solution be ejecting the offending fans than walking out on the game, but I’m not so naïve that I expect that to actually happen in most places most of the time.

    • You wouldn’t feel the same way because you care about players being respected and not racially abused, but you don’t care about that more than you care about sports.

    • I think it would be even more important to do during a world cup. It would make a much bigger impression and media hit. Sure the fans just wanting a game would be pissed, but maybe then they’d be policing their neighbors more and keeping the racist crap out of the stadium.

  4. I’ve never agreed with being verbally abusive to players. There’s rooting for your team and then there’s being plain tacky. I’m proud he walked off but admire the rest of his team for walking off even more. It reminds me of the gymnasts who wore their hair like Gabby Douglas to prove a point. I always find it ironic when those who can’t stand it when people insult them or call them names are the first ones to tell others to suck it up for the same (or worse, in this case) treatment. I don’t care how much fans paid for the tickets. No one should be subjected to this kind of ridicule for kicking a ball.

  5. I’m a bit confused.The coach says they will always support his players stance-really? This behavior is nothing new,where has he been?Personally,I think the player is better off ignoring this bs.

  6. PursuitAce says:

    There are hundreds of competitive teams in Europe. AC Milan is not just another team. It’s comparable to the Yankees or the Giants walking out of a game. The owner says his team will always walk out in these situations. This is causing a tremendous stir in Italy. Hopefully, the Italians will start cracking down even more on these idiots.

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