Newspaper Deliveryman Pulls Shooting Victim From Burning House

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  1. There are plenty of men doing good things in this world. It’s just that people don’t talk about them as much as the men that do bad things. Let’s try to change that.

    Happy Happy Happy – I like one word there, cos it’s positive and on point – let’s = Let US – US = [the object form of 'we'] used by the person speaking or writing to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people.

    So nice to have a positive invitation to be part of a progressive group, rather than be made falsely a member of a regressive stereotype and worn out trope! Keep up the on point and quality writing.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    The papers are full of men doing good things. What’s the next step?
    I suppose you might look at the sad case of Xander Vento and wonder why that didn’t go national. I sure as hell do. There’s enough there in that case that its extremely limited notice makes me wonder if there’s a kind of unseen pushback. No idea what it is.
    But if there’s something, just trying to talk this stuff up might be a chore.

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