NFL Wide Receiver Wins Dancing With The Stars

Donald Driver, NFL wide receiver, won Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday. While it’s not unusual for NFL players to be great dancers (they often dance in the offseaon, particularly ballet, for help with their footwork and to say in shape), the judges gave him a perfect score and showered him with praise, for a really exceptional number. He demonstrated a mastery of a style not associated with football players, although while watching his feet, it’s somewhat obvious that being a pro wide receiver definitely helped his seemingly flawless precision footwork. I also think that the hot pink pants and matching pumps might have helped him win over some of the female judges…

What do you think helped Driver win DWTS? How do you feel about the pink outfit?

If you were famous, would you dance on the show?

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  1. The Pack is back on and of the field!

  2. UBER- Sexy!!!

    Thumbs up for William Levy and Cheryl, too! (Loved their Salsa and Tango!)

  3. He won because he’s a Packer, OBVIOUSLY!


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