Noah Brand on HuffPost Live at 12:30 Eastern

The Good Men Project’s editor-in-chief appears as part of a discussion on “Why Powerful Men Cheat”

At 12:30 Eastern, tune in to HuffPo Live at this link for a discussion on infidelity among powerful men, and how it works. GMP’s very own Noah Brand will be part of the debate, representing the Good Men Project’s point of view.

UPDATE: Watch the segment here!

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  1. That first comment. Shes trying to “womansplain.” There is a whole list of female politicians who have cheated with aids and other lovers.
    But to her point most men do not receive large amounts of favorable attention/interest from women and to almost instantly attain this new attractiveness probably comes as a shock and an ego boost.

  2. Why should he and his wife take wedding vows if he didn’t mean it? Why should he and his wife go to church if he doesn’t believe in what the church teaches about fidelity? Why should his kids listen to him if he just lies about a secret relationship? Why should he swear to serve our country’s high office if he plans to violate its rules?

    Should he be excused from following the rules?

  3. Mike Russo says:

    It takes two to cheat. It’s no secret women are attracted to men with power. Why would a man in power cheat? Why wouldn’t he? It’s easy for the rest of us to say we wouldn’t cheat, we probably don’t have the kind of power that some women find to be a potent aphrodisiac. I say him staying loyal to his wife would have been more impressive than anything else.

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