Now That I’m a Dad, My Photos and Videos are Priceless


Now that he has a family, Zach Rosenberg’s passion for photography is more important than ever. YesVideo can help him preserve his family’s memories forever.  

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As a kid, I used to love snapping through a roll of film and going to the drug store to have the photos developed. I had albums and albums of photos—even into the digital camera age. But now that I’ve got six digital cameras, a smartphone, and a family to point devices at, it’s a lot more complicated collecting and preserving my memories.

YesVideo iPad image 1I don’t shoot a lot of video. I just don’t know how to deal with it. I had a video camera in my teens and now have hours of video—my memories—stored on VHS tapes in a plastic bin. But what if something happens? What if there’s a fire and I lose everything physical in my home office? My childhood might not be lost, but some wonderfully embarrassing memories that my son would love to see might be lost forever.

And what about videos I’m shooting now, on my iPhone? What about the old videos I’d shot on old phones? Believe it or not, I’ve got a drawer with my old phones and their chargers. Because that’s a totally easy way to show folks videos from when my son was a newborn – “hey everyone! Gather ‘round my Palm Treo 700p and check out this video!”

My son’s starting soccer soon, and though I love still photography, I’m going to want to have videos of his first kicks. The ones that set him on his way to his first FIFA World Cup trophy in 2038. I want to be able to pull those videos up and say “look boy, look how far you’ve come!” And preferably, I’d like to do it without having to go to Goodwill to buy a VCR.

For most people, a cloud backup service is a great option for photos. If you plan on using something like Apple iPhoto or Google Picasa or Adobe Lightroom, there’s easy integration with iCloud, Google Drive, Flickr and Dropbox.

Video can certainly be saved to cloud services too—but what if you’re like me and have tapes (and a shoebox of old phones and chargers) lying around? I’ve got a couple of DVDs containing photos and videos of my wedding and my son’s birth in a fireproof box, but if there’s an emergency, I’m focusing on getting my family out of the house alive. I’d bet anything that in the heat of the moment (or the chill of a zombie apocalypse), I’ll forget the fireproof box.

Take some time—like I’m doing right now—to research all of your options for online video archiving. That’s why I’m happy to find a service like YesVideo that understands the importance of preserving memories and makes it easy to protect and share generations of memories.

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Written in partnership with YesVideo

About Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg is a husband and father living in Southern California. He is co-founder of
fatherhood news site, and a contributor to You can also find him on Twitter @zjrosenberg.


  1. Taylor Closet says:

    My children are growing up so quickly, I want to capture all the memories I can as the grow up. PRICELESS!

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