Nude Calendar Raises Funds For Anti-Bullying Charity

The Warwick rowing team gets naked for a good cause: fighting anti-gay bullying in schools and sports.

One of the newer ancient traditions of Britain’s Warwick University is the nude calendar produced by their rowing team. This year, funds raised from the calendar will be going to benefit the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation, an anti-bullying group founded by rugby star Ben Cohen.

Too often we’re told that men aren’t sexually attractive, that women are the only sexy gender, that nobody wants to look at men’s bodies. And too often, athletes get caught up in a macho mindset that tolerates homophobic bullying as part of an assertion of a crude, unenlightened masculinity. So, if you’re interested in exploring new ideals of manhood in the 21st century, as we are here at the Good Men Project, this fundraiser is in two-birds-with-one-stone territory.

There’s a trailer for the calendar here, but be warned: it’s a bunch of British boys with the bodies of a college rowing team, frolicking by a riverside butt-naked. Mind you, for some of our readers, that’s less a warning than an enthusiastic recommendation, but whatever your tastes, it’s a damned good cause to support.

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  1. Just outa curiosity, will you be posting calenders of women naked for good causes?

    • .. of many colours and body shapes too? We musn’t forget the body issues when it comes to calendars.

      Is this a peculiarly British thing caused by the ladies of Rylstone W.I.?

      Wasn’t November supposed to be something or other about, men – health – balls – prostates – moustaches – facial hair? – some good men doing things like raise money – public awareness – get editors editing and not missing the issues.

      I must be so daft I just keep missing good men as they walk on by to the barber shops. It does seem that the smaller the issue the more likely it is to get noticed – so I’m wondering is this calendar in a pocket or wallet size?

      Maybe Next Year there could be a revolution and a full years coverage of edits and not some poorly edited highlights – again! P^/

  2. Buying this… for me, and all of my friends

  3. Oh it is the calendar season so it’s nude time again. I have to say that the video of the making of is a little juvenile and a tad too Gladiator for me – They wanted to change the world – so they made the Ultimate Sacrifice – they took their knickers off? Oh boy – Rowers just aint the men they used to be!

    I like Ben Cohen – 1) He’s cute and pure eye candy 2) He has a Brain that works 3) He has a heart, which whilst hetro, is so big he loves queer people too and don’t give a damn who knows it . Now three out of three is a winner in by book!

    But I do wish that people would think a bit bigger and stay ahead of the game – some basic marketing would be an advantage . You want nude sports men in a calender and promoting a message of tollernace and anti bullying around sexuality? How about a revolutionary idea – use gay Sports Men And Women – it’s a shocking idea but there are at least 12 of them out there! Even if you can only find 11, you get a get out of crap free card by using the group shot for December!

    Now if you were really wanting to get ahead of the game you would put one of my favourites on the front cover! – and he looks quite good in the nude too – Lee Pearson… and believe you me, seeing him on the back of a Stallion is a real eye opener! The things he can do and impress crowds …. it leaves people gasping and demanding more….. Globally. P^)

    I do wonder when the now tired trope of a bit of nudity on a calendar will either die out of be truly re-invented to carry a message.

    • tony romanelli says:

      Don’t be silly. It’s to be sold to gay men. The trope will never die out, as long as the nudity is real and the lads are healthy.

      • “No minority in history has gained any measure of acceptance without the help of the majority.”

        Interesting idea. Have Oppressed Group – Market Calender – Get Oppressed Group To Buy It – Call It Charity and that Allies from the Oppressor Group are being….. “Nice”.

        Interesting Marketing Trick If You Can Pull It Off – but given that the people being targeted for help are Kids – with low economic clout – may lack opportunity to buy Calender due to not having space in the closet to hang it, let alone light in closet … It may get picked up by some gay men (As a very queer guy I have to say It’s eye candy for five seconds then old hat ) and a minority would buy it – but sorry the sex sells trope is valid, but packaging, novelty and quality do count… even when Gay men buy things.

        Odd that – the gay men are uber fashion and get it right when buying for girls – but when buying for themselves they take lowerclass uber tat as long as it has a cock or arse on it?

        I see there are no shortages for marketing stereotypes – and its such a pity there is no calender of them stripped naked and exposed for all to see! I wonder if it would sell, cos I would love to send so many of them to so many folks and see if it made a difference. P^)

    • John Smith says:

      “How about a revolutionary idea – use gay Sports Men And Women” Yes, horrible isn’t it that a university rowing team wanted to do something for charity didn’t decided “you know what, were not all gay… We had better chose another charity and leave gay rights to the gayers”… I’m sorry, but what is wrong with them making this calender?

      • John, the very fact that you used “the gayers” says so much about the deopth of prejudice and ignorance it’s best to just step over the chasm.

        • John Smith says:

          MediaHound, It’s call sarcasm… I used “gayers” to highlight your attitude and your prejudice that says that someone who is not gay cannot speak out on gay rights. Or do you think that a rowing team could somehow find 12 members (out of around 30) that are gay? Or that they should have found people who were not members of the rowing team to be in a calender?

          • I refer the honourable(?) gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago….But since you have benn so courteous as to raise your concerns I will provide you with a wider vision and a few ideas for free.

            As someone who has been on the front lines of Equality for some 30 years, covering such areas as Sexuality, Disability, Age and more – well I do wonder at the use of just 30 Guys as the pool for butt shots, woody bits and 6 packs.

            Some basic maths – Gay = between 2 and 6% depending upon who is analysing and denying.

            So 2% of 30 = 0.6.

            Divide 12 (Months Per Year) by 0.6 and you get 20.

            Take class of 2012 and take 20 years off – gives you 1992.

            Seek 12 rowers over the 20 year history and there is quite a good chance you will find enough “Gayers” and even be able to have the rip their knickers off for the camera.

            More shocking may be to go back to 1969 when being a gayer as you put it stopped being criminal. That could get really interesting a 43 year history to show people that not only are there people who are willing to support Sans Knickers, but there is hope for the bullied to be about long term.

            Just think the 69ers are at retirement age.

            So sorry if me being a gayer and me having to deal with your depth of issues is not to your liking. Of course – it’s easy to rip you knickers off take some snaps and look good – it’s harder to actually think about the issues and deal with them imaginatively – and still figure out how to get knickers off, even if they aint your own. I am aware that for some the knickers off is about vanity and not the issues.

            But who needs imagination when a six pack and butter ball butt is in your face? P^)

            You never know – given the sausage interest that comes round every four years with the Olympics, British Rowing (the Mother Church Of British Rowing) could up the anti and recruitment by finding 12 good rowing Poufs to graph – or why not have every Rowing team in the country go naked for the cause. It could even catch internationally – Rowers of the world The Queerest Sport there is – and I’m sure the Olympics wood fest would never be the same again! P^)

            Sorry If my imagination is getting carried away – I’m not limited by just one well trodden and even overly tired idea- but it’s the sort of thing that some have been doing since 1969 and getting some changes made to laws and even some social types.

            Those who can do – Those who can’t Imitate!

          • Oh and John – just forget to mention that the ladies of Warwick Rowing Club are also in the buff and doing calendars, which means all the Hetras can also join in the Gayers ! The opportunity to choose your sexuality appropriate titillation has not been pushed as a factor yet! If gay men and hetro women can oggle all year, why is the lesbain and herto men market getting played down?

            Who cares about looking pervy when it’s for charity? .. and who can say that objectification is wrong when it;s made an equal opportunity sporting option? .. and it’s all for charity!

            Lovely picture of the girls with some pretty impressive erections out front – Link

            An of course the place to go and buy the nudity for the year is jokingly referred to as Broke Back Boat House

            Cost for either Naked ladies Or men with Rowing thrown in US$30.00 for international delivery and in the UK £14.99 all in.

  4. Oh yeah! Eye candy and a good cause put together? Hard to beat.

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