Number of Homeless Veterans Declines

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  1. ….but at least it’s better than not sparing a thought at all.

    I wish that Christmas and all the other holidays got banned – because such terrible excuses and faux sincerity would be reduced. It would also require people to think and not just be trendy! Fashion is a terrible thing and it’s not just the Prada that the devil wears.

    How many decades has the issue been down played, ignored, brushed aside? Maybe what needs comment on is the reasons for inertia and refusal, why so many years have passed – the reasons for that and even how to overcome such delay, inertia and indifference.

    To support the view that patronising attitudes and views around Christmas is to be praised is – Patronising to the Vets, their families, their kids, the people who are there helping them 24/7 365.

    Good news is relative – as are the moral and ethical codes people Choose to live by and be trendy with.

    The fact that this shameful history is being reversed, even if it is one agonizing step at a time, is cause for both relief and pride in the hard work being done by Gen.

    Oh someone did notice some issues and crammed them into the last sentence, rather than having it all up front – and then tried to hide them with some Ra-Ra Pom-Poms andf a cry of “Go Jets”. Haven’t seen that manoeuvre silliness since Penn State and the tearing down of that Brass Gargoyle to false reality.

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