One School District In Texas Makes History

Kathryn DeHoyos discusses how one monumental decision in Texas is a step in the right direction for non-traditional relationships.

Last night Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD) in Pflugerville, TX, became the first district in the conservative state of Texas to offer health benefits for both same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partnerships. The vote, which was 5-1 by the PISD School Board has made history KVUE news reports. However, this decision has not come without controversy. Some community members have opposed the decision claiming it is a desecration of marriage. KVUE quotes Pastor Steve Washburn of First Baptist Church as saying,

It is immoral, we’re normalizing immoral relationships whether they are heterosexual or homosexual and we are afraid that that will be passed to our children in the schools.

Many others in the community however have spoken out in support of the decision. August Plock, a teacher for PISD said,

I believe that teachers who I work with down the hall from me should be able to get the same benefits that I get for my wife and my child.

This sentiment was echoed by community member Meg Barnhouse who was at the board meeting to show support for the decision with her partner Kiah. She said,

At this point it’s a fight where we take one small step forward and another step forward and support the people that are on the side of love.

This historical decision for the state of Texas comes in the wake of several states, including Washington and Massachusetts legalizing same-sex marriage and the announcement last week that the US Supreme Court would hear two cases on the issue.

There will still be difficult days ahead for those couples, both hetero- and homosexual, who chose to go against what society views as a “normal” marriage. But as someone who has made a conscious choice to have a non-traditional marriage I can say without any trepidation that this is the first big step in the right direction.

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Kathryn DeHoyos currently resides on the outskirts of Austin, TX. She has 2 beautiful children, and is very happily un-married to her life partner DJ.


  1. This is the first of what I hope to be many changes in how our country views marriage!

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