Ontario Makes History By Electing the First Openly Gay Premier in the Country

Newly elected premier Kathleen Wynn said, “Believe it or not, this was the easy part.”

The Liberal party in Ontario, Canada, made history twice this weekend by electing the province’s first female leader, and by choosing the country’s first openly gay premier. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Kathleen Wynn beat Sandra Pupatello by a 1,150 to 866 vote on the third ballot to become Ontario’s new premier.

Wynn has announced she will recall the legislature, which was postponed by her predecessor Dalton McGuinty in October, on February, 19. She aims to show the citizens of Ontario that the Liberal party can, “make the current minority government at Queen’s Park a functional one.”

Wynne will become the sixth woman currently serving as premier, joining British Columbia’s  Christy Clark, Alberta’s Alison Redford, Quebec’s Pauline Marois, Newfoundland’s Kathy Dunderdale and Nunavut’s Eva Aariak.

Photo: Canadian Film Centre/Flickr
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  1. The headline

    “Ontario Makes History By Electing the First Openly Gay Premier in the Country”

    Is extremely misleading , the people of Ontario did not elect this woman to lead the province, her party elected her and they happened to be in power at the time.

  2. ManofReason says:

    Not sure why this is news. Because she is gay? Who cares? What has she done and what does she want to do? Drawing attention to the fact she is gay is just another annoying instance of pointing out someone’s differences after it was just proven that it didn’t make a difference… Drop the labels.

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