Open Thread: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Expecting

What is it about celebrities that make an announcement like a baby international front-page news?

Kim and Kanye are having a baby! Yes you heard that right, a little bundle of ‘Kimye’ joy. The ultra-famous couple, who have been dating for about 9 months have faced pregnancy rumors before, but this time it’s not a rumor.

According to NBC,

The rapper announced at a concert Sunday night that his girlfriend is pregnant. Kardashian was in the crowd at Revel Resort’s Ovation Hall with her mother, Kris Jenner, and West’s mentor and best friend, Jay-Z. West told the crowd of more than 5,000 in song form: “Now you having my baby.”

As CNN reports,

Kim Kardashian formally announced the news herself in a post on her website Monday, ‘It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo’

A spokesman for Kardashian then confirmed the news to CNN, but provided no other detail other than to say that West announced it at a show Sunday in Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Of course Twitter and Facebook were instantly awash with the announcement, drawing comments from well-wishers and detractors alike. Obviously having a baby is exciting for any couple, but it’s not necessarily front page news.

So what is it about Kim and Kanye that makes this announcement news worthy?

What do you think makes us so fascinated with celebrity happenings?

Why do we care about a ‘Kimye’ baby?

Are we hoping for the best for this little family-to-be, or are we banking on more drama?

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  1. “What is it about celebrities that make an announcement like a baby international front-page news?”
    Hmmm. You put in on yours, big photo and all…

  2. “Why do we care about a ‘Kimye’ baby?”

    I am curious what the grown offspring of the two biggest narcissist in the world will turn out like. Seriously, I`m not trying to be mean but that is the only reason I can find to take an interest in the question.

    • Pallus Pallafox says:

      Your honesty is refreshing, and I agree with you. We are also forced to acknowledge these events because they take precedence over other more important worldly happenings… at least according to our news media sources. At the very least, they are publicizing how not to plan our families. Getting pregnant after nine months of dating doesn’t exactly sound like a winning formula…

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