Open Thread: Should The National Guard Protect Our Schools?

California Senator Barbara Boxer plans to address school security on a national level.

Politico reports that Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) is planning to propose legislation that would allow state’s governors to access part of the $640 billion national defense budget to use National Guard troops to increase security in schools. Boxer said,

While a governor already has the power to send troops to a school, the legislation would allow for the governors to access federal funds for those troops … The legislation is modeled after a previous law that had National Guard troops help with border security, would allow governors to decide how troops would be used at schools.

Is it not part of the national defense to make sure our children are safe?

I believe in protecting our schools with trained law enforcement. This proposal is an answer to that proposal.

Sen. Boxer has explained that this proposed legislation is in response to the recent call to arm teachers and school officials.

Do you think the answer to better security is stationing armed National Guardsmen in schools?

Should states be granted access to the national defense fund?

Would this proposed legislation be better than arming teachers and school administration?

Is a military presence in schools actively pernicious?

Is armed presence even a realistic response to fears of school shootings?


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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Accidental stalking horse, like having a cop in each school.
    Once you admit an armed good guy on site is the answer, and once you discover you can’t pay for it, you’re stuck.
    The fallback position is allowing trained, checked, CCW folks who are already on staff to carry in school as they already do so many other places with an astounding lack of trouble.
    And, since the weapons are “concealed”, there need be no problem with scaring kids.

  2. Jonathan G says:


    What a horrible, horrible idea. Militarize yet another aspect of American society? Start young in showing our children that every day is a harrowing ordeal of fear and apprehension?

    It’s about time we looked seriously at what our society tells us is just and morally-acceptable by what we do rather than by what we say. I’ve been trying to point out to anybody who’ll listen, since the massacre in Newtown, that we live in a nation that tries to solve most of its pressing problems with guns. The troubled men who go on these killing sprees have problems that they solve with guns. Coincidence?

    I’m not surprised to hear that Sen. Boxer wants to help schools solve this problem with more of the same: more guns. Not surprised, just disappointed.

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