Open Thread: Things Guys Call Each Other

“The Dude” – The Big Lebowski

Jamie Reidy lists the informal names men call one another.

It’s always embarrassing to forget somebody’s name. But at least guys have a way to cover: by subbing in a nickname for the actually one.

Here’s the list of the ones that friends of mine use. (I’d never forget somebody’s name.)

Dude (duh)

Brother (alternatively: brotha, bro & bra)




Guy (French pronunciation, i.e rhymes with “me.” Actually, only my best friend says this.)


Player or Playa

Big Man




Did I miss any? What do you call your friends?

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  1. Like a says I don’t really use these when trying cover up the fact that I forgot a name. I use these more with folks that I’m meeting for the first time (“Sup dude.”) or someone I’ve known for a while (“Sup dude.”).

    With that in mind when I forget a name I do what any self respecting and honorable person would do. Try to get them (or someone else if there are other people in he conversation) to say their name.

  2. I don’t think people use these to cover up forgetting people’s names, I think it’s just as variety/novelty. A lot of them can feel passively condescending though.

  3. John Anderson says:

    There is the generic G for gangster.
    fella, big fella

  4. Big fella, chief, dude, idiot, c*nt (different meaning in Aus, not referring to women. Sup c*nt is actually a non-insulting hello amongst some friends), idiot, fool, stronzo, every swear word and insult in a jesting manner (which is weird but works).

  5. Unfortunately some of my African American brothers and sisters like to call each other the N word. Even some other cultures use it too amongst themselves. Not a term of endearment to me no matter who says it.

  6. “That F@@kin Drew” seems popular…
    I dropped chief when a bartender the size and coloring of Chief Broom in Montana shot me a quizzical look.
    Daddy & Poppy seem popular amongst my Hispanic types…
    Reb (Rabbi) amongst my Hebrew type pals
    Big Mon

  7. A lot of Aussie blokes refer to each other as c*nt (mad c*nt is also popular) and my friends and I usually call each other SonofaB*tch or motherf*cker. I must associate with vulgar louts!

  8. You’ve missed the all-time Aussie phrase: Mate!

  9. Being a Southern Californian, “Dude” is the most frequent by a mile of those you already listed, but there’s also:



    Big Guy (not the French pronunciation)


    Buddy (for those verbose types not satisfied with just “Bud”)

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