Open Thread: Things Guys Call Each Other

“The Dude” – The Big Lebowski

Jamie Reidy lists the informal names men call one another.

It’s always embarrassing to forget somebody’s name. But at least guys have a way to cover: by subbing in a nickname for the actually one.

Here’s the list of the ones that friends of mine use. (I’d never forget somebody’s name.)

Dude (duh)

Brother (alternatively: brotha, bro & bra)




Guy (French pronunciation, i.e rhymes with “me.” Actually, only my best friend says this.)


Player or Playa

Big Man




Did I miss any? What do you call your friends?

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  1. Being a Southern Californian, “Dude” is the most frequent by a mile of those you already listed, but there’s also:



    Big Guy (not the French pronunciation)


    Buddy (for those verbose types not satisfied with just “Bud”)

  2. You’ve missed the all-time Aussie phrase: Mate!

  3. A lot of Aussie blokes refer to each other as c*nt (mad c*nt is also popular) and my friends and I usually call each other SonofaB*tch or motherf*cker. I must associate with vulgar louts!

  4. “That F@@kin Drew” seems popular…
    I dropped chief when a bartender the size and coloring of Chief Broom in Montana shot me a quizzical look.
    Daddy & Poppy seem popular amongst my Hispanic types…
    Reb (Rabbi) amongst my Hebrew type pals
    Big Mon

  5. Unfortunately some of my African American brothers and sisters like to call each other the N word. Even some other cultures use it too amongst themselves. Not a term of endearment to me no matter who says it.

  6. Big fella, chief, dude, idiot, c*nt (different meaning in Aus, not referring to women. Sup c*nt is actually a non-insulting hello amongst some friends), idiot, fool, stronzo, every swear word and insult in a jesting manner (which is weird but works).

  7. John Anderson says:

    There is the generic G for gangster.
    fella, big fella

  8. I don’t think people use these to cover up forgetting people’s names, I think it’s just as variety/novelty. A lot of them can feel passively condescending though.

  9. Like a says I don’t really use these when trying cover up the fact that I forgot a name. I use these more with folks that I’m meeting for the first time (“Sup dude.”) or someone I’ve known for a while (“Sup dude.”).

    With that in mind when I forget a name I do what any self respecting and honorable person would do. Try to get them (or someone else if there are other people in he conversation) to say their name.

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