Open Thread: What Two Words Describe Your Dad?

It’s one of GMP founder Tom Matlack’s Man-to-Man questions…

What two words describe your dad?

And, what two words describe you as a dad? If you don’t have kids, what two words do you hope would describe you as a father, were you to become one?


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Photo of father and son playing together on the beach. Photo in old image style courtesy of Shutterstock

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  1. Peter Houlihan says:

    Dedicated and hardworking.

    My dad (and Mum!) worked really hard to make sure me and my sister got the best education we could.

  2. My father: Relentless and caring. Me: Curious and open.

  3. Distracted and… hang on, I need to take this work call.

  4. Listener, Egalitarian

  5. Remember, it can be dads – plural. @twodadsdotorg

  6. Passive | absent
    Engaged | tactile

  7. My hero.

  8. Anthony Zarat says:
  9. Copyleft says:

    Annoying and friendless.

    (I suspect those two are connected.)

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