Open Thread: What’s the Best James Bond Movie?

The newest 007 film, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as the iconic MI6 operative, opened this weekend to huge crowds and overwhelming praise.

A few classic 007 icons make an appearance in the film, which leads us to wonder what you believe is the best Bond flick.

Which actor has made the best James Bond?

Who is your favorite Bond Girl?

How about Q and M?

Best villain?

How about the best Bond gadget?

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  1. Casino Royale, with Woody Allen.

  2. Goldeneye.

  3. Best movie? Is there really any question?


    Best Bond would have to be Connery. As for Bond Girls, I’m going to break with the classics and choose Eva Green.

    and Q would be Desmond Llewyellyn (I can’t believe how they wasted John Cleese). I like Dame Judy Dench, but Bernard Lee was the iconic M.

    villain? Again, Mr. GOOLDFIN- oh you get the idea. And if the Aston Martin counts, that would be the gadget.

    • John Anderson says:

      Loved Eva Green in Camelot (damn she’s hot), but have to go with Ursula Andress for top Bond girl although it’s hard to choose. Just my opinion.

  4. John Anderson says:

    I always enjoyed movies or TV episodes where the good guys have a hard edge. I suppose it was growing up with the Death Wish series. My favorite Magnum PI was when Ivan doesn’t think Magnum will kill him and the last scene is Magnum turning around and firing his gun.

    Like one of the comments noted, that scene changed TV. One of the best scenes WWE had was when Teri and X-Pac betray Kane. Kane goes through DX and has Teri by the throat and is about to choke slam her. The crowd is going nuts. The announcers are mortified because she’s a woman, and then Kane releases her. The crowd starts booing. Then Kane picks her up, turns her upside down and tpmbstones her. The crowd goes nuts.

    That said my favorite James Bond was Casino Royale. I don’t know that it was the best one, but it showed a dark side to Bond where he’s going to get the information he needs from Mr. White and this mission is a personal one to exact revenge.

    • My favorite Magnum PI was when Ivan doesn’t think Magnum will kill him and the last scene is Magnum turning around and firing his gun.

      I didnt remember that, thanks for posting it. Magnum was always, and still is cool

  5. Two of my favorite James Bond movies are Dr. No and Casino Royale. Sean Connery maybe the most iconic James Bond ever, but Daniel Craig is the most brutal, rough, and the manliest James Bond ever .

    Its funny the first time i drool over James Bond more than i drool the Bond girl is when i watch Casino Royale. Usually i drool over Bond girl, but in Casino Royale I dont even notice the Bond girl. The first time i got those ” Shit, hes so hot, i go gay for him!!!” in Bond movie. And I’m not even gay. Daniel Craig has those super manly and don’t give a shit attitude, its hard not to admire him. James Bond was always handsome and attractive, but previous Bonds were too flamboyant to make me have a guy crush over them. But Daniel Craig is different, hes not flamboyant, hes muscular, ripped, rough, but still attractive. If you ask me, what is an Aplha Male, i said Daniel Craig.

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