Original Sexual Abuse Whistle Blower on Catholic Church Goes Public

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  1. DavidByron says:

    What did you think about Sinéad O’Connor’s attempt to draw attention in 1992?

    • Tom Matlack says:

      David I only have a faint memory of that. I was talking to Joe today and he was saying that it really takes all kinds in terms of how victims choose to speak out. No one way is better or worse. His way turned out to be extremely powerful, in part because he just told the truth with plenty of evidence to journalists who had the ability to publicize what was going on where no one had before.

    • David – that you for reminding so many of that act. I was watching the recording of Sinéad O’Connor again – YouTube from SNL – it’s shocking how it has taken 20 years for that message to be seen with different eyes. http://youtu.be/bCOIQOGXOg0

      To many it will just be some mad artists making a scene of TV – and I wonder if Joe Pesci has wondered about it since and maybe changed his mind?

      I’ve spoken to many of the survivors from Ireland who think Sinéad is a saint, because of what she did.

      “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story” – as it says in Desiderata. Sinéad listened and then spoke out where so many others had deaf ears.

  2. “Seeing so many others come forward lessened his feelings of isolation….” Brilliant…and very healing! More!


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