Paparazzi Roadblocks Chris Brown, Porsche Totaled

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  1. Joanana…I seriously doubt that Chris Brown is concerned about whether or not you support him.Especially considering the conditions you placed your support.It didn’t read authentic or sincere.It read as an attempt to slickly take a swipe at a Brown while using him to set up your article.Must be a slow day.

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      If you read my article, I know a LOT about paparazzi.

      I genuinely have concern for Brown in this circumstance, but even more so for the innocent people who are affected by the paparazzi bullshit in this city.

      Thing is, most celebs are complicit in this nightmare too. Their publicists often create situations for paparazzi to snap photos, revealing locations of their clients, etc. The celebs do well as a result of their publicity in magazines like OK and Life&Style.

      It’s more the rest of us I worry about. I have met, and really like, Tori Spelling and her kids a lot and have seen paps chasing parents with kids (read the Reese Witherspoon story in my linked article). It’s really a bad thing.

      So while I feel badly for Chris Brown for this, it’s just a symptom of a bigger problem.

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