Parents and Allies Support LGBTQ Students at Santa Monica High School as Westbro Protests (VIDEO)

Proof that showing support for LGBTQ students, instead of fighting directly against a hate group, really does work.

When Westboro Baptist Church decided to pay Santa Monica High School a visit to protest their active support of LGBTQ students, they were met with a wall of backs as parents and allies carrying signs and holding flags lined the street in front of the school. There was no yelling, only a solid line of backs defending the school and the students who attend there. This is exactly the right way to handle the protests by this hate group, and any other like it. As Christine Woodman said in her article How to Defeat Westboro Baptist Church,

Take two pills of apathy and never call them in the morning. We have to stop caring, stop listening, stop following their tweets and stop reacting in any way shape or form when they do horrible things … Shunning is a more effective method of social control than armed soldiers.

And as you can see from the video, it really does work.

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Kathryn DeHoyos currently resides on the outskirts of Austin, TX. She has 2 beautiful children, and is very happily un-married to her life partner DJ.


  1. Shawn Peters says:

    So proud of my Alma Mater “SAMOHI”

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