Is America in a ‘Father Absence’ Crisis?

Are we in the midst of a fatherhood crisis? In a New York Times article about an ad campaign designed at getting Asian-American, American-Indian, and Hispanic fathers more involved in the lives of their children, Jane Levere highlights some eye-opening stats:

According to a survey by the National Fatherhood Initiative, a nonprofit organization, nine out of 10 parents believe there is a “father absence crisis” in America. And the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse has found that children who live without their biological fathers are, on average, two to three times more likely to have educational and health problems, be victims of child abuse and engage in criminal behavior than peers who live with their married biological or adoptive parents.

One-third of American children live without their biological father. Twenty million live in single-parent households.

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Ryan O'Hanlon is the managing editor of the Good Men Project. He used to play soccer and go to college. He's still trying to get over it. You can follow him on Twitter @rwohan.


  1. Sandra Parrotto says:

    It’s probably the reason that I am so motivated by the GMP, as well. I had 3 fathers – none of which could figure out the job – one of which – did it in a really poor way. It’s a huge crisis and without dads, children don’t learn how to generate their lives, create intimate relationships and express strength of character.

    I am excited about all the dads on social media – it gives me hope that our children have a new opportunity to be great citizens. Now we have to remove all of the pre-conceived notions that are placed on men so that they have a real chance at being themselves

    Yes, I love The Good Men Project for the contribution that I’m sure it is and will make!

  2. Tom Matlack says:

    Yes this is probably the single biggest motivator behind the creation of The Good Men Project. If we as men and fathers can figure out what it means to be a good man, how they heck are our boys going to figure it out. And if they don’t have a dad in their lives, the chance of that happening are even more remote.

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