Pennsylvania Suing NCAA Over Penn State Restrictions

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  1. Ban on bowl games and reduced scholarships ? so a group of young men are being punished for the actions or inactions of others ?
    Man, they sure showed those men who had nothing to do with it.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    I think higher education should divest itself of big-time sports programs, so I have no sympathy for football boosters at Penn State or anywhere else, but the NCAA is in the wrong here.

    What the NCAA threatened was essentially collective punishment – punishing an entire institution for the wrongs of a few of its members. If an anthropology prof was raping students and the administration looked the other way, the AAUP wouldn’t call for all the students’ Anthro credits to be invalidated or call for Penn State to shut down all the social sciences. Collective punishment is barbaric, and it’s overkill. It’s like bombing civilians in order to put pressure on their government….

    • wellokaythen says:

      P.S. Besides, how do you actually prevent someone from going to a bowl anymore? There are enough bowls out there that you don’t even have to have a winning record anymore. Make up your own damn bowl game and send your team to it. Anybody can be a sponsor now. Call it the “Pennsylvania Bowl” or “The Penn State/Pizza Hut Bowl” and invite your team and one other, some team that would have no shot at a bowl otherwise.

  3. Been waiting for this one.

    The Failure was “Institutional” – The sanctions were against the Institution! As I recall, all affected parties – that was sportsmen and women on scholarships were given the option to transfer to other institutions so as to not be damaged. Now the state of Pennsylvania wants to claim that the sanctions make PSU uncompetitive.

    I think that happened some time ago when they left kids being abused. The world just didn’t know about the issue – and the cover up just added way to much icing to the uncompetitive cake!

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