President Obama Controls the Weather…

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  1. I use to think Rush Limbaugh was an idiot but I now realize he’s idiot savant. He knows all this crap really plays to his audience so I just give him a big SMH!

  2. Cute, but I think you’re confusing being in control of weather REPORTING with the actual weather. =P

  3. wellokaythen says:

    So many naive people. The CIA actually controls the weather, but don’t assume that Obama controls the CIA. Hurricanes in the Caribbean have been part of a sustained CIA campaign against Cuba for the past 50 years. The global warming theories are just a CIA/Illuminati/Gnomes of Zurich/Elders of Zion/Rockefeller smokescreen to cover up the use of hurricanes to hide their secret base in the Bermuda Triangle. Open your eyes, people….

  4. God really does have it in for all Red State activities. She told me so.

  5. I couldn’t find the quote in it’s original context, but going from the what was quoted in the article I’m not so sure he was implying that Obama personally whipped up the storm to tick off the republicans. I think he might possibly have been trying to suggest that the impact of the storm and it’s danger were being overstated in order to detract from the conference and encourage people not to go.

    I don’t think it’s true, but it’s not exactly a batshit-crazy idea either.

    • Yeah, looking back at the article this links to again, the argument seems to be about how the weather is being reported, rather than suggestions that it’s being controlled.

  6. Sheesh. If he controls the weather, what’s to stop him from controlling the results of the election? Curious minds want to know.


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