Race, Othering, and GQ’s Opinions On Hot Women

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  1. Deanna Ogle says:

    What!? Really? I feel like this would have been much different if they were celebrating diversity or pointing out, as the article you link to says, the beautiful women from around the world… That’s so weird.

  2. Anthony hill says:

    What a white-centric article. You do not seem to consider what other people of other races do. I’m sure if you were in an Asian country or an African country you would find that they talk about people of other races in the same way. Using their own racial majority as a reference, everyone else is assigned a name to distinguish them from the predominant race. You can and should treat everyone as equals, but cannot ignore that fact that people are different. You can honour that fact and those people, why not, but to criticise others for acknowledging racial and cultural differences is futile and counter-productive. In the end it will create more division and hostility. Let us acknowledge and welcome diversity, not pretend it does not exist.

  3. That article you linked on the colorlines site mentions that the GQ people didnt have categories for hottest black woman or hottest latina in their list, so it appears that according to your logic, it isnt just white women that are considered “normal” to them. I believe those three races largely account for the demographics of the US, so it would probably be more accurate to say that the list seems to “other” people who dont fit their unconscious mold of what a US citizen is like. As someone who is NOT a US citizen, I suppose I should be offended at that.

    But anyway, good job on not letting the facts get in the way of a good opportunty to guilt white people over their rascism.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:


    Othering is part of human nature, and all races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and even castes (in places like India) engage in it.

    Whites have historically been the majority, so it’s natural and inevitable that they are seen as “normal.” As whites continue to decline in number, this will also inevitably change. As a white person in the Bay Area, I’ve even seen this change personally. Whites are not referred to by a normalizing “people,” and are often explicitly referred to by their race. At least around the people I hang out with.

    Trust me, compared to the type of “othering” that goes on in other parts of the world (including other 1st world countries), having GQ identify non-white women by their race is child’s play.

  5. I agree. The notion that GQ needs to come up with ‘excuses’ to publish photos of hot women is a troubling sign indeed. No excuses should ever be offered for reveling in female beauty–especially if one seems to be expected out of some twisted sense of feminist prudery.

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