Roundup: Here’s What People Are Reading on the Good Men Project Magazine Today

Photo: Stephen Sheffield

It’s Sunday morning. Curious as to which articles from our site are being read by fellow readers right now? Today’s top picks are:

Confronting Life: Still in the top 10 after “going viral” weeks ago.

Regie Gibson on Fox 25 in Boston: The slam poet, teacher, and writer talks about growing up in a beauty salon.

America Anonymous: From our in-depth look at men and addiction. (A list of all addiction articles in the series here.)

Mostly Straight: From an otherwise insightful young guy who admits, “I’m not sure there’s a name for what I am.”

Are You Man Enough?: On men’s need to prove their masculinity.

Is Facebook Feeding Your Personality Disorder?: Ah, Facebook. The network we love to hate.

5 Reasons Why I Have the Right to Buy “The Pedophile’s Guide”: a counter-argument to our previously published Amazon Can Teach You How to Be a Pedophile.

Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Needs? On the double bind that men are put in when society pressures them to initiate sexual relationships, yet punishes them when they are candid about their desires.

The Gay Kids Are All Right Are gay teens in peril? Or, as developmental psychologist Ritch Savin-Williams argues, is the truth closer to “It’s Better, Right Now!”

Photo credit: Good friend and good man Stephen Sheffield, who says, “I take photos to remember the truth, real or imagined.”

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