Rush Limbaugh Finally Sh**ts The Bed.

Mark Greene has a message for Rush Limbaugh and the men who are beating up on women over birth control: You are cowards.

We are looking at a turning point in the career of Rush Limbaugh. I know its been said before, but his latest tirade against women who are asking for access to birth control in their health plans is stoking a backlash against women that is vastly more hypocritical than any of his previous forays into the toxic realm of wedge-issue politics.

The man has outdone himself. And I think I know why.

The likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other commenters of their stripe used to have the divisive, binary world of extra crazy single-issue politics to themselves. (I won’t label these guys as right wing because the right/left political divide is just more binary labels designed to set Americans against each other.) But regardless of how you label these guys, things have changed. The GOP Presidential field has raised the anti-government, anti-immigrant, pro-birther, election-by-paranoid-wedge-issue ante so high that folks like Rush Limbaugh need to push even further into crazy land just to be heard above the general din of hyper-religious, hyper-reactionary political rhetoric that has taken over the Republican Presidential primary.

But Rush really did shit the bed this time. Why? Because he has made the point several times that Americans should not have to pay for birth control for “sluts”. Did I get that right? I think I got that right.

But let’s let Rush speak for himself. In the following quote, Limbaugh responds to testimony by Sandra Fluke before an unofficial Congressional panel. Fluke was talking about the challenges of paying for contraception at a Jesuit University which will not provide it as part of student health plans.

“What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps.”

First, I will quickly note that Sandra Fluke gets health insurance because she is a student at the university and has opted for that coverage. She is not asking for people to “buy her birth control”. She is asking that it be part of her health plan. A reasonable request.

But forget that. That’s like, a sane argument in an insane world and I’m not gonna get bogged down in talking logic to the crazy squad. I have seen more INSANE posts on the net this week by men who are “not going to pay for sluts to have sex”. These rants are everywhere. And what I note more than anything else about these posts is the rage. I mean these comments boil over with rage; rage that is way out of scale with the issue of birth control. Rage by men against women.

And let me take a moment to say something very clearly here. You guys who are saying this stuff? You are not men at all. You’re cowards. Because real men don’t beat up on women. Ever. You can share your opinions if you like in a civil and gentlemanly way, but this stuff you’re doing is disgusting.

As for Rush destroying his career, he’s unleashed a firestorm of woman haters. And he’s unleashed it on the issue of sexual intercourse between unmarried men and women. And ten thousand raging nut jobs are out there are now insulting every woman on the net.

And this is my favorite part: Its all being linked to the Republican Party. Why? Because the GOP refused to allow Fluke to speak before their house committee on contraception and religious liberty. A panel that created yet another twitter firestorm when the folks who were allowed to address the issue of contraception before this Republican controlled committee turned out to be all men. The photo of those five schmucks circulated ten billion times. And women love that “men telling them what to do with their bodies thing”. They just love it.

So here’s Rush and that big bed of his that he has so thoroughly shat. The problem Rush has unleashed is two fold. One, is the INSANE level of hypocrisy that is landing right at his front door. Rush says women who are requesting birth control as part of their health coverage are sluts. And this begs a very clear and simple question. Has Rush Limbaugh ever had sex out of wedlock? Ever? Did he ever fumble with some girl’s bra strap in the back of his dad’s Ford? Did he ever find his way into some women’s bed in college? Did he ever engage in sexual intercourse with any one of his four wives BEFORE he entered into the blissful state of holy matrimony? It is four, right?

And two, Rush has managed to crystalize the horror of a Republican world for every woman in America. The issue of abortion rights has always been a darker more ambivalent issue for many women. But birth control? These guys want to take away birth control? And thanks to Rush we can see the agenda for what it is. We can see the ugly anti-women mindset that lurks behind the “religious freedom” argument. It ain’t about religious freedom, it’s about sluts, whores and prostitutes.

And having birthed this refreshingly honest display of his ilk’s true attitude toward women, Rush is going to get what’s coming to him. The media elites are going to do their cold cynical math on this one. They’re going to calculate the damage control, look at the numbers and they’re going to cut bait on Rush Limbaugh. Because he just lost them the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections.

And here’s an added note on the cost of providing “universal free birth control” via private or public insurers.

Maggie Mahar writes the following over at

“if an insurer makes birth control totally free for all of its customers, it avoids having to reimburse them for countless unplanned pregnancies and births. Overall, then, it’s cheaper for the insurer to pay a little upfront to save a ton down the line.”

Read the article here.

So good luck Rush, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out to fuck-all-nowhere. Cause it wasn’t nice knowing you. Not at all.

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For more on Politics and Birth Control, read Lauren Hale’s “How Did We Get to Where We Are in the Political Birth Control Debate? A Short History.”


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  1. Linda Rosenthal says:

    I can’t take time to read every comment here in case this has been covered… Even though I am generally in favor of Ms. Fluke’s position, it is possible to work for, or study at, an institution that does not have the same feelings as the Catholic Church along these lines.

  2. Ah, yes, the “anti-Planned Parenthood” movement…they only netted (profited) $18.5 million in 2010.

  3. I think the message that Rush put forward about Ms Fluke was lost in the absurdity he was making. I think any woman that wants birth control should use it whenever they want. The issue I have with Ms Fluke, is why is it societies responsibility to pay for your birth control? If the man your lying down with can’t afford to provide you birth control, you may want to reconsider lying down with him. What if the birth control fails??? He will be the father of your child!

    Honestly people, taxes are collected from human beings to fund our government. Our government has spent way more than it can collect and we have people like Ms. Fluke that thinks we all owe her birth control? Whatever happened to personal responsibilty?

    • Sandra Fluke was advocating that birth control should be covered by health insurance (which policies are paid for by the insured and/or their employers) not that the government should GIVE her FREE birth control. It had nothing to do with “government handouts” or “free” anything. Honestly, try getting the facts straight before being so condescending to everyone on the comment board with whom you might disagree.

      • Poester99 says:

        You seem to miss the cause and effect. The government mandating that all private insurance cover birth control (meaning no organization can “opt out”) is exactly the same as “government should (be/is) GIVE(ing) her FREE birth control”, by proxy. To explain, If the government mandates that something MUST be included then it is making it effectively FREE for the recipient while making someone else have to figure out how to pay for it.
        I dunno, maybe they can toss that less important prostrate cancer screening.

        • Except the government isn’t mandating specific premiums for health insurance policies. So perhaps it’s a difficult regulatory burden forcing insurers to come up with a cost structure that will be competitive enough to keep customers, and still include mandated coverage (even though all insurers will bear the same burden). It is NOT however a handout, and it is not “effectively free:. Insurance companies always have and always will pass on costs to the insured–and contraception costs a hell of a lot less than pregnancy and childbirth anyway. Besides, whatever rhetorical twists you apply, you can not make anything that Sandra Fluke said mean that she wants the government to give her free birth control.

      • Thanks for jumping right to name-calling when you don’t agree. The government forcing all of us to insure ourselves is another form of taxation but, If you insist, I stand corrected. Let me re-phrase my post again …..

        I think the message that Rush put forward about Ms Fluke was lost in the absurdity he was making. I think any woman that wants birth control should use it whenever they want. The issue I have with Ms Fluke, is why is it societies responsibility to pay for your birth control? If the man your lying down with can’t afford to provide you birth control, you may want to reconsider lying down with him. What if the birth control fails??? He will be the father of your child!
        The reality is, if Ms. Fluke wants her health insurance to cover her birth control, it is only as far away as her next premium. There are tons of plans out there that cover your birth control BUT the premium is higher! Compare this to your Auto insurance. Most of us can’t afford to cover our car for ANYTHING that can go wrong with it. Most of us insure our cars with accident coverage. There are policies out there to insure your car for any other failures but they are very expensive. Honestly people, health insurance premiums are collected from us and other human beings to fund our health insurance programs usually as a group. There is as many different health plans out there as there are companies. The real issue here is getting politics involved. If Ms. Fluke is trying to get politicians to make a law to save her money, that money she is saving comes out of another person’s pocket.
        I’m old enough to know that it is my responsibility to take care of my family. I know it is my responsibility to raise my kids. I know it is my responsibility to take my kids to the doctor when they are sick. And, I know it is my responsibility to settle the cost with the doctor after a visit. The idea that I am entitled to the money in someone else’s pocket is not Freedom. Freedom comes with being responsible for yourself and family. If you want the government to control all, this is not freedom. It can fall into many different categories such as, socialism, communism, tyranny, dictatorship, ect. SO be careful of what you ask for ….. you may be enslaving your future generations to a government that is not free. America was started to hand their freedom in for a far reaching government and I see lots of my fellow Americans wanting to give freedom up, just to save a feww bucks, to an all powerful government. FREEDOM and Government are opposites. The more you have of one, the less of the other. Any government big enough to take money out of my pocket and give it to someone else is big enough to stop providing protection for you at anytime and give it to someone else.


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