School Sports and Kids: What is the Impact of a Concussion? (Infographic)

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    Whoa. So only 47% of high school concussions are from football. That’s actually really surprising. What else are the kids doing that gives them all the other concussions? Hit by a pitch in baseball? Dropped on your head into the toilet bowl during a hazing ritual?

    The infographic is clear. Football uniforms need airbags.

    • wellokaythen says:

      P.S. If the illustration is any guide, teaching some proper tackling technique would go a long way…..

    • I’ve had a student get a concussion from being struck in the head by a soccer ball when he wasn’t looking. I’ve also had students get concussions playing lacrosse and field hockey, for starters.

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