[VIDEO] Glenn Beck Calls Obama “A Full-Fledged Woman”

In the tangled mind of Glenn Beck, rational thoughts on parenting are enough to have your “Man Card” revoked.

That’s right. Thinking about the safety of football when it comes to making a decision for your children is a gendered thing. After all, women are those weak little beings who are overly concerned with shower gel scents and safety precautions. God love them, they just think too damn much on unimportant things. In fact, fear itself is gendered. It’s one of those female nuisances real dudes have to put up with all too often. Thank God men, real men, are here to cut through a woman’s weak thoughts with the intuitive reason from the big man above. Those fragile and sprightly things could aspire to be “Chick-in-Chief” but never Commander-in-Chief.

Ahh, yes. Here is Beck at his very best. At once sexist towards men and discriminatory towards dads while again treating women as second class citizens. And let’s not forget his trademark: the absolute refusal to look at sound data that has been replicated internationally and is the culmination of decades of research. A few appetizers before the main course. Enjoy:

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  1. I would say that as spokepersons for gender balance and awareness Glenn and POTUS are equally biased and therefore inept.

  2. Well,Glenn Beck is an idiot that’s the easy part, Nonetheless…If I wanted a man to articulate my concerns as a man it wouldn’t be POTUS.

  3. Looks like Beck wants some more attention. Why are we giving it to him?

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