International Child Trafficking Roundup?

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About Blair Corbett

Blair Corbett uses his own childhood experiences, and his faith to
transform the lives of victimized children, and adults abused as
children. Blair has ten children, including five special needs kids
adopted from foster care. In 1999 he founded nonprofit Ark of Hope for
Children to increase awareness and provide emotional care for victims
of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying. Their mission is to
"Break the chains of past abuse to lead victimized children into lives
filled with faith, hope and love." Blair is an ordained pastor and a
motivational speaker using his passion to draw more men into the front
lines of the international battle for the hearts of imprisoned and
oppressed children.


  1. This is very thought provoking. Can we make a loud enough noise? I would love to read your comments on my first Good Men Project article. I believe they have a great opportunity, to turn one great bust into something much greater! Give us yourh thoughts… For the children.
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  1. […] Blair Corbett wonders if the "largest international money laundering prosecution in history" could be expanded to also become the largest international crackdown on child trafficking. (RT @AbusedKids: International Child Trafficking Roundup?  […]

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