Victim-Blaming & Drug-Resistant Malaria

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  1. Evolution, not victim blaming, is the reason that we get drug resistance. Even if drugs are used perfectly parasites will evolve resistance genes. Counterfeit drugs with less active ingredient speed the process, but it is still inevitable.

    Also, it isn’t talked about much, but pouring petrol into lakes and swamps kills the mosquitoes, and was used to eradicate malaria in the US in the 1950′s. The problem is that there are serious environmental side effects, and the country has to be developed enough to actually pour petrol into all of it’s swamps, lakes and rivers. Also in Africa all of the different countries would have to agree to do it at the same time, most of them don’t have good enough road networks to pull it off, and a lot of the petrol would end up for sale in the markets, not in the lakes.

    It’s not victim blaming, it’s stating that the rest of society has to develop to a point where it is capable of solving the problem. It’s their country, not ours.


  1. […] of malaria. The research brought me to all areas of malaria, including unexpected topics such as victim-blaming and drug-resistance and masculinity in refugee camps. But I was too deep to apply what I learned to any other disease, […]

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