Some Ads Really Do Portray Dads In a Way that Will Make You Smile: Oral-B and Power of Dad

“An epic and authentic ode to dads everywhere.” 

We can’t help but like an advertising campaign that highlights the #PowerOfDad. After all, how many ad campaigns have we called out because they portray dads as bumbling idiots or worse? But we’d like to think this is not just a new generations of dads, but a new generation of advertisements for dads. Ads that show dads as engaged, loving, present — as great fathers and great humans. We’re thrilled Oral-B! is leading the way.

Our friends at NYC Dads Group call it “an epic and authentic ode to dads everywhere.”

So go ahead, smile when you watch this. Dads everywhere deserve it. And Oral-B is one of the best brand names out there when it comes to toothbrushes and tooth care.

Oral-B and the #PowerOfDads


This post was sponsored in part by Oral B, but the opinions therein are that of The Good Men Project editorial staff.

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