Spike Lee’s ReTweet Mistake

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  1. “This situation further reinforces a need for truth, rather than revenge, in the case of Trayvon Martin, as well as a full and impartial investigation of the death of the teenager.”

    What this situation indicates is that vigilante justice is an oxymoron. It’s more like vigilante injustice.

  2. If the couple were hurt, would he be charged for inciting hatred/something? There have been cases in the UK I believe where the sex offender registry hasn’t been updated, vigilantes attacked the occupants of a home except the sex offender had moved out a while before….so innocents get harmed because of knee-jerk vigilante behaviour.

  3. I’d sue him. As much as I believe that Zimmerman needs to face trial for what he did, if I were that couple I’d take Lee to court. I’m really sick of celebrities who pull stunts like this like their actions dont have consequences.

  4. Whenever i hear stories like this (someone taking the law into their own hands) i’m happy to know that we have a court of law.
    People left to their perceptions, opinions and beliefs can not be trusted to seek justice.

  5. What worries me is if he had actually given the right address would people be conerned about vigilante justice then? Or would this have gone ignored and unreported?

    But beyond that Lee supposedly retweeted this incorrect address, implying that he got it from someone else (by hitting the Retweet button). Lee had a hand in giving out personal information, incorrect at that, but it doesn’t sound like he was the one that originally gave the location.

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