Star of “Swamp Men” Dies on His Boat

It’s incredible the way TV makes you feel like you know people. Reality TV shows like The History Channel’s Swamp People, where you meet quirky guys doing stuff you never imagined anyone would do, only serve to build that sense of intimacy with a person you’ve never met.

So it’s with sadness that we share the news of the passing of Mitchell Guist, one of the brothers (the one with no glasses and the less completely insane beard) who starred in Swamp People.

CNN reports:

He was aboard a boat near Belle River Landing in the southern part of the state when he appeared to have a seizure, said Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack, citing an unidentified man who was with Guist.

The reality show star then fell on the boat.

As The History Channel is quoted as saying, he died doing what he loved.

We should all be so lucky.

How about you? If you could choose how to leave this world, how would you go?

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  1. McGibbon Michael says:

    When we in our family make it to heaven trust me, Ill go looking for you in Heaven right away. Mike

  2. so sorry for your loss we love these guys and are prayers are with the family

  3. Dee & Joe Lopez says:

    We love Mitchell and will really miss him RIP ,still watch the show…Prayers are with you Glenn

  4. Diana Mitchell says:

    You will be missed dearly u made me grateful for what I have R.I.P. Mitchell We will still watch the show but it just won’t be the same

  5. Diana Mitchell says:

    You will be missed dearly u made me grateful for what I have R.I.P. Mitchell

  6. Mark Ellis says:

    I’m an Ice Road Truckers kind of guy, but I do understand how watching a show regularly can make you feel you know the reality characters. When the truckers roll over frozen lakes, there’s always the chance the truck will break through, and survival then is iffy at best.

    There’s a driver named Alex Debogorski who is in his early sixties, and every time he gets in a jam you wonder if he’ll hold out (though all these guys are tough as nails) and if he didn’t I’d probably feel the same why some of the folks here feel about Mitchell.

  7. God bless you will be missed

  8. Keone Smith says:

    It is with heavy heart that I’m writing this blog. I watched Swamp Men whenever I had a chance and wished that I could be there with them. My favorite was the “squirrel hunting from their porch episode.” I’m still watching them but know that Mitchell is gone. Sad.

  9. Pat Houser says:

    I so love this show, loved Thanksgiving especially, I remember the brothers going hunting for possium, turkey, most anything they could gather, take it home and have a few swigs while cooking a wonderful meal for the family. I so enjoy all the familes, and would be sad to loose anyone, but this is a sad loss for the remaining brother, they were so loving towards each other. My sincere condolances to all who associated with this dear man.

  10. brady & nancy says:

    My boyfriend & I would like to send our condulances TO you for your loss of your two were our favorite on the show.your brother will be missed dearly.Prayers are sent to YOU & your familys.
    With all our LOVE ,Brady & Nancy ………South Coffeyville Ok.

  11. Melissa Haines says:

    So Sorry for your loss, not only your loss but a true watcher of the show. I enjoy watching and hope you stay with the show.Your brother wll truely be miss.God is with you.Melissa from Pa

  12. pat deegan says:

    i have loved these men since the show started they are southern gentlemen through and through,I wish all men could take a lesson from them. It is a sad a day that I will remember. I hope the show continues not now but in the future. Your brother will be missed by all.

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