Stars Get Intimate About Shooting Sex Scenes

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  1. So they actually do penetrate? Can’t say that wouldn’t be a lil awkward…but hell, work is work!:P

  2. I’m curious why there’s a link to the Lisa Solod article in there?

    As for the rest, well disappointing. There’s a grand total of one mention of a non-hetero scene, and surprise it’s about two women. Oh, and in the quote about the scene, the actress makes a joke about how she would expect people would want to see her and another woman (Megan Fox, specifically) getting it on. So even the one reference to a gay sex scene was made for a heteronormative audience. Thanks.

    Couldn’t have thrown in a James Franco quote, or a Ewan McGregor or Jim Carrey quote about I Love You Philip Morris, or heck even something Gyllenhaal said about Brokeback Mountain? Or how about the rather funny story McGregor’s got about his sex scene in Velvet Goldmine? Come on!

    I get that they wanted proper stars, but there actually are quite a few stars who’ve done gay sex scenes.

  3. Most every time I watch a sex scene I really lose the thread of the movie and go right to “how do they do that with the lights, crew, cameras, assorted hanger-on’s around” I am in awe of their craft.

  4. wellokaythen says:

    I’m surprised there was nothing in the article about body doubles. Some of the “star sex scenes” are not actually the work of the stars but of other people. It’s not just the lights and make-up that’s flattering. Sometimes it’s the substitution that’s the most flattering.

  5. I kind of always assumed they were faking it… Like in softcore porn.


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