Study of the Day: Fertile Women Want Masculine Men

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  1. I guess I’ll have to check with the wife on this one!

  2. “A strong jaw, chin, and brow make a masculine face” — but surely it takes more than a masculine face to be thought of as masculine? To me, what makes a man masculine is a broad range of physical and personal traits/qualities that I consider manly, not the “strength” of his jaw, chin and brow.

    BTW: A stereotypically “manly” face in the US — the typical news anchorman with a square jaw — is considered rather plain and boring in my country. I don’t know a single woman who is attracted to that look.

  3. Yup. Pre-treatment trans man here, still afflicted with estrogen and bi enough to notice guys, and that is 100% correct. On a normal day designer stubble makes me laugh at its owner for looking like Rolf Harris; when the girl juice is running high the same guy turns into something positively mouthwatering. It’s more than a bit disturbing to realise how much of my sexuality is actually biologically determined.


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