Syrian Internet and Mobile Communication Blackout

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  1. Kathryn DeHoyos says:

    This is terrifying! To think that a government can and will completely cut its citizenry off from the rest of the world, for whatever reason…Maybe I’m a cynic but I can’t help but wonder what it is they are really trying to hide from the rest of the world!!!!!

  2. Alarming and Predictable. .. and “… and cut cell phone services in select areas.” means you can’t even use an IPhone to twit and send pictures or video!

    The Arab Spring was all net and social media and smartphones and people watched and they were shocked, or even totally indifferent. Other’s watched and saw a risk to themselves and made plans – they learned how blocks were bypassed, so thay have been building bigger and better blocks!

    So many think that the internet and their use of smart phones is a god given right! They think the net is public property a bit like the sidewalk – if you keep walking you can protest and scream First Amendment!

    A Heads up may help – The American Constitution only applies guess where? Syria is not affiliated to the USA and neither is Syria’s national infrastructure or back bone on The Net! Net access anywhere on the Globe and by any means can be cut instantly – and what you going to do – Write and email to complain – Blog about it?

    Cut of the DNS servers and it’s nothing in or out unless you have a permanent point to point connection over a fixed line – that has to bypasses all exchanges – all telecoms Infrastructure and be independently powered at both ends … or basically have you own personal internet with all security and power safeguards in place.

    Even bypassing that with a Satellite Net Link has become an issue as Satellites coving the Syria market have been experiencing jamming for weeks!

    Want to consider when, where and how the same could happen to you? Alarming and Predictable.

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