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This Father’s Day, we’re teaming up with Salary.com to learn more about fatherhood, work and home life.

So make your voice heard and lend a moment to take this survey!



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  1. Janet Dell says:

    I saw this thing on the local news on Mothers day and the only image i could come up with was “Here little girl, here is a fairy tale to make you feel better, don’t worry it is very true not good away and feel good about yourself because of the total BS story we just gave you”

  2. Janet Dell says:

    Salary.com does this thing every year and every year it is just pathetic.

    A CEO makes a ton of money because they work 70+ hours a week as a CEO not 3 hours a week managing a household.

    Do mothers (I don’t) need to be told how valuable they are by using a completely bogus calculation that over inflates everything.

  3. Eric M. says:

    Who did the working vs. stay at home dad calculation? It’s ridiculous.

    It neglects to include the money the working dad brings into the house. Doesn’t that count?

    Were it not for that money, how would he be able to buy the van and gas to put in the van, and the food to cook, and the grounds to keep, and the computer and laundry machine to operate?

    Based on that calculation, the families would be better off if all fathers quit their jobs. I say let’s ask mom.


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