Ten things I’ve learned about business from purchasing a 6 inch cheese sub from Itza Submarine


  1. You can own a successful antique store. You can own a successful independent sandwich store. They can’t be the same store.
  2. White walls and flourescent lighting are not that flattering when serving food.
  3. When interacting with customers, try your best not to say that you are about to be locked out of your business because you are behind on the rent.
  4. Are you a sandwich store owner…or a real estate agent? Make a choice.
  5. Some people have naturally buggy eyes.
  6. What do you have that differentiates you from the Subway across the street? If the answer is worse toppings and less drink options, then maybe you need to rethink your business model.
  7. I like Marilyn Monroe. But not enough for a picture of her to be the only art on the walls. Oh wait…no. There are some shiny tigers.
  8. You don’t have to always fill empty space. Sometimes white space has an aesthetic value that is only diminished the more broken lamps you force into it.
  9. How loud is the television in your business? If your business is not a sports bar, maybe you should turn the television volume down.
  10. Pun or cute business names tend to be tacky and become less cute over time. Spell words correctly.


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 photo: yelp
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