The Best of GMP’s Family and Relationship Writing

This is the fourth of a series of posts we’ll be running this week, featuring editor’s picks from all of our favorite categories. 

Some of our favorite stories about men’s relationships with the partners and their families.

Why Won’t My Wife Have Sex With Me? – Charlie Capen writes: “In the beginning, there was sex. And it was good. And then there was more sex. And it, too was good. And then…”

When I Am Terrible – The Sexless Father opens up about the times when his libido finds itself in conflict with the better angels of his nature.

Building My Father’s Coffin – John Manchester was dreading the fulfillment of his father’s last wish: that his children build him a coffin. In the end, he discovered that working alongside his son and family was the perfect therapy.

To The Father I Never Knew, On Father’s Day – Erik Proulx never hated his father – “A wonderful person with a terrible sickness” of heroin addiction. Here is his letter of forgiveness to his father, on Father’s Day.

What I Would Like to Tell Adoptive Parents (From an Adoptee) – Matthew Salesses explains that adoptees may not be able to find the answers they’re looking for… And that needs to be okay.

Two Fathers, No Mother: Crossing the Big Black Line – William Lucas Walker’s journey from boyhood to fatherhood, via love and loss.

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman Now That I’m 50 – James Elliot’s tastes have matured along with him. Here he talks about what’s so sexy about women his own age.

Why Men Can’t Have it All? – Peter Chin wonders why nobody ever asks why men can’t have it all?

Why Don’t Men Initiate Divorce? – Hugo Schwyzer explains that men are too willing to muddle through a mediocre marriage—and women are less inclined to settle.

The Male Straitjacket – Mark Radcliffe tears up the myth of male independence.

Homo’s Odyssey – An unexpected breakdown on a family trip gave William Lucas Walker and his husband an opportunity to teach their children what real family values look like.



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  1. […] Some of our favorite stories about men’s relationships with the partners and their families.  […]

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