The End of Super PAC ‘Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow’

Talk show host Stephen Colbert donates almost $800,000 to Sandy relief, and others.

The super PAC “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” created by comedian and late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert has been disolved, so the remaining funds, specifically $773,704.83, have been distributed to Sandy relief groups and several finance reform organizations. According to USA Today Colbert announced on his talk show Colbert Report,

Three groups working on Sandy relief efforts — DonorsChoose Sandy relief fund, Team Rubicon’s Sandy outreach and Habitat for Humanity — would each receive $125,000. The Yellow Ribbon Fund, which assists injured servicemembers, would also receive $125,000.

The balance of the funds, Colbert said, would go to the Center for Responsive Politics and The Campaign Legal Center, groups that focus on campaign finance reform efforts that target the growth of super PACS.

The only catch, as USA Today goes on to report was this,

The Center for Responsive Politics, he said, must name its conference room the “Colbert Super PAC Memorial Conference Room,” while The Campaign Legal Center was instructed to rename its conference room in honor of the Colbert super PAC’s late strategist [Ham Rove].

The communications and research director for The Campaign Legal Center, David Vance said that the group is,

Thrilled and honored in the confidence [Colbert has] shown in our work. Staff has already begun referring to the conference room as the ‘Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room.’ We look forward to the arrival of the plaque, so we can officially rename it.

Mr. Colbert has done an amazing job bringing attention to the issue of hidden money from super PACs, and this final act of charity sets a wonderful example both for other super PACs and the nation as a whole.

Thank you Mr. Colbert, you are a good man.

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  1. Colbert (and Stewart) consistently provide news and information (albeit in the guise of humor) of both a quality and humanity greater than most news organizations today. It is a sad thing when a vehicle of entertainment and satire ends up providing better news and understanding of the topics of the world today than nearly any actual news agencies.

    “Ham Rove” has gone on to a better place revealing the secrets of Super PACs and their deleterious effects on our society. “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” has done what no other Super PAC has done. Helped people who desperately need someone to help out.

    Ask not what your ham can do for you, ask what your ham can do for your country. “Ham Rove” (and Stephen Colbert), you done good. No ham has ever been sacrificed for a greater tomorrow, tomorrow.

  2. Never been any doubt about that. Colbert and Stewart aren’t just better journalists than many who claim the title seriously… they’re American heroes.

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