A Reverence for Reproductive Justice

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Justin Cascio is a writer, editor, and activist. He has written on food, lifestyle, gender, and sexuality for The Good Men Project, xoJane, and other publications; his work has been selected as Editor's Picks on Open Salon.
Justin is a former managing editor of The Good Men Project Magazine and editor of The Good Life, and a founding editor of Trans-Health.com. You can follow him on Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    He has his work cut out for him.

    It’s hard enough getting some people of faith to let go of the idea that God has commanded humans to reproduce as much as possible. A lot of pronatalist Christians find it hard to accept the concept of limiting reproduction in any way whatsoever. I’m not even talking about birth control devices or medical procedures, I’m just talking about the simple idea that you might choose not to use all of your fertility or might choose not to have children at all.

  2. Simple Mind says:

    I come from the land of simple minds.

    God created education to counter overpopulation.

    God created religion to counter education.

    That’s how a simple mind sees it.

  3. Opposition to abortion is based on the assumption that all people are created in the image of God and that life is therefore sacred.

    For a member of the clergy to ignore that is to break with the history of Christianity. I know that is the generally held view now, but the traditional view should at least have been acknowledged.

    I continue to make my way through the minefield here as i know that disagreement is not encouraged, but I don;t know how to make statements otherwise.

    • @Tim, it’s not an assumption but a belief. I like what you said though.

      • It is the underlying assumption of Christianity – as well as Judaism and Islam. It is also assumed in Hinduism, where the soul enters a body chosen before birth.

        It is an assumption in the sense that it is a presupposition for standards and a view of human beings. There is no precedent in history for the current view of abortion. It is the product of the first totally materialist culture in history.

  4. Wow, all my references to Christian, Jewish and Islam scriptural readings was thrown out. VERY disappointing.

    The man said the bible doesn’t say abortion is wrong but there are readings that reference it. Perhaps there was no “word” that represented the work “abortion” but there is plenty of reference to the unborn life.

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